Mini Will Add Even More Customizable Options With 3D-Printed Parts


Soon you'll be able to order a completely custom Mini.

Even compared to high-end marques like Ferrari, Aston Martin and Lamborghini, Mini has some of the most extensive customization options on the market. Lamborghini calls its customization center the Ad Personam Studio, which lets owners create a custom car unlike any other. Mini also has a customization studio called the Mini Yours program. This program was introduced back in 2011, and started by building special edition models. Now Mini Yours is expanding with even more custom options that buyers can choose from.

Mini USA has announced that it will be the first automaker in the world to offer customizable options that are "created by the customer and produced using innovative production procedures such as 3D printing."

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Mini buyers will now be able to help design their very own custom trim pieces including inlays, trims for the passenger side of the interior, LED door sills and LED door projectors. Customers can choose from a bunch of new pieces that will make their car unique, or take it a step further by designing their own parts on the new Online Customizer. Mini will then make the parts using 3D printing and laser lettering and deliver them in just a few weeks. The parts are all designed to be easily swapped by customers or Mini dealerships, so you don't have to worry about buying a used one with someone else's name on it. We can't wait to play around with the Online Customizer and choose different patterns and textures.