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Mini Will Finally Be Building A Properly Small Car, And It Will Be Called The Mini Minor

And it only took 14 years.

No amount of proper context makes it less bizarre to find yourself saying that a company called Mini is actually building a really small car. You'd they'd have started with that, but we've waiting since the 2001 revival for the news that a really small Mini was on the way. Well, now it finally is, according to a report from Automobile. BMW is evidently working with Toyota to bring out a car more similar in proportions to the original.

The car has the working title of Mini Minor, a name that reaches all of the way back into the brand's history. And though the car will be developed with Toyota, you needn't fear that it will be a rebadged Aygo. Word is that the car will get its very own platform. The car is likely to be related to the Mini Rocketman concept (pictured) of a few years back, and we're thankful that for the decision to change the name. The concept was a big hit with fans of the original car, as it is essentially the next-gen Mini that they'd wanted all along, so we're eager to see how this all plays out.

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