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Mini Will Now Sell Over 100 Branded Items To Show Off Your Mini-Love

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If you absolutely love Mini, you’ll adore this new lifestyle collection.

The Mini marque is perhaps the funnest in the entire automotive industry. Not only is it the last brand to offer a manual transmission on every model it sells, the UK automaker also allows for nearly endless customization on par with the likes of ultra-exotic brands. Mini loves to let owners express themselves with customization features, and the company will now expand owners' ability to show their love for the brand with the new 2018-2020 lifestyle collection.

Some automakers build items such as furniture or expensive office chairs, but Mini will go one step further by offering over 100 unique branded items, including clothing, bags, children's toys, and other accessories. The collection is available starting in July at its online store as well as in Mini dealerships. We won't go over all 100-plus items, but we have picked out some of our favorites from the catalog as well as some that simply made us chuckle.

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Some of our favorite items are found in the kid's products and kid's mobility section. Kid's items include a mini movie stage, a skateboard, a small riding car, tricycle, and craft sets that will allow children to build and color their very own Mini. We also like the look of the Mini luggage, which looks stylish and practical for travel. Typically, we tend to roll our eyes at car branded merchandise like this, but somehow Mini pulls it off with unique items that are cleverly designed.