MINI Yachtsman Actually Built and On Display in NYC

2012 New York Auto Show / Comments

BMW loves April Fools pranks so much so that they build them.

Last year's BMW prank for April Fool's Day was terrific - start a rumor about an M3 Pick-up truck and then subsequently build it. It was terrific for all and a fun little stunt from a serious automaker. This year's stunt involved a pair of fake Mini camping units and one particular nautical-themed Yachtsman. The Mini Yachtsman was quite the sight and the accompanying press release had the entire CarBuzz staff giggling hysterically.

After much embarrassment came astonishment, as Mini actually built their Yachtsman and brought it to the New York Auto Show. Mini sums up their Yachtsman best, saying that the "169.8-inch long craft sports Reef Blue metallic paintwork contrasting with silver alloy wheels and matching silver rudder. The exhaust snorkel is finished in body color and the extendable rooftop antenna comes with a 'get-you-home' 20-ft white sail (in case of emergency) which can be deployed for zero-emissions sailing." Nice job Mini, the Yachtsman is quite the thing.

Is it strange that I can't get the idea of a Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe-yacht out of my mind now?

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