Mini's 14-Foot Hot-Tub Limo Was No April Fools' Prank

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It stole the show at the 2004 Athens Olympics.

This hilarious iteration of the first-generation Mini Cooper Hardtop serves as a reminder of how much money car companies spend on the most bizarre productions. It's called the Mini Cooper S XXL and was essentially a promotional car for the 2004 Olympics in Athens, Greece. What makes it particularly special is that it has been stretched out to 20.7-feet long so that it can accommodate a fully functional hot tub at the rear.

This is a concept car that has been around for almost two decades but Mini has finally dropped some essential details relating to its design. Although it doesn't detail who did the job, it confirms that the special car was put together by an expert coachbuilder based in Los Angeles.

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The additional length of the car was just too much for the standard chassis to carry, so Mini got to work on adding a third axle to the rear, thus creating a design that can even rival the intimidating 6x6 G-Wagon. Going against the idea of off-road capabilities, the design team opted to fit the car with its John Cooper Works Tuning Kit for sharper handling dynamics which it most likely desperately needs.

While the structure of the car is interesting, the highlights of the project are its comfort features, included in which are a flat-screen TV that doubles up as a privacy portion between the passengers and driver. Keeping in line with media needs at the time, it even boasts a DVD player. For unrivaled levels of communications, rear patrons could make use of the in-car phone that could be used to chat with the driver.

Mini Mini Mini

The Cooper S XXL wouldn't be as special without that iconic whirlpool hot tub at the rear. The unit consists of two bathers that came in more than handy as it carted passengers around in the hot Greek summer of 2004. For the sake of convenience, the water is easily drained via a simple plug and covered when not in use via the rear hatch that's been converted into a canopy.

After serving its purpose at the Olympics, Mini took the special Cooper S XXL on a global tour before being used as a marketing tool for the European and Asian markets. We haven't seen this comical project car make an appearance in recent times but we do hope the company is taking better care of its concept car than some other manufacturers.

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