Mini's First Electric Convertible Has Terrible Range But We Still Love It

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It shares its dimensions with the Cooper S Convertible, but you can't buy one.

Whether you're into hatchbacks, sedans, trucks, or crossovers, there are now electric vehicles on sale in all of these segments. The number of EVs continues to rise rapidly, and in just the last few weeks, Hyundai took the covers off its radical Ioniq 6 and Polestar revealed its first SUV. What you won't find anywhere is a fully electric convertible. However, Mini has revealed what it says is the world's only premium convertible.

This is an all-electric drop-top version of the Cooper Electric Hardtop. Sadly, it's also a one-off model and not destined for production - at least, not at this point.

Mini Mini Mini Mini

Mini says that the Cooper SE convertible "shows how the path to an all-electric premium brand could continue and also electrify classic sporty open-air driving in the future." It comes as no surprise that this drop-top EV is absolutely adorable.

Sporting the script "this toy is electric" on the lower sides and back in yellow, it has more yellow detailing on the wheels and for the wing mirrors. Mini says that this one-off model is based on the Cooper S Convertible, but it has the same drive components as the three-door Cooper SE hatchback. The electric motor makes 184 horsepower and can propel the drop-top to 62 mph in 7.7 seconds.

Mini Mini Mini Mini

Mini promises agile handling thanks to the "harmonious axle load distribution due to the small electric motor." According to Mini, the range on the WLTP cycle is only 230 km (about 143 miles). In the USA, the Cooper SE Hardtop has an extremely limited EPA-rated range of 114 miles, so this convertible will likely have even less. That simply won't be practical enough for most commuters.

Still, by putting in the effort to build the Cooper SE Convertible EV, Mini is at least showing us that it is considering the possibility of a production model. Since drop-tops are traditionally associated with a more relaxed driving demeanor instead of outright performance, we see no reason that more electric drop-tops shouldn't become a reality soon.

Mini Mini Mini Mini

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