Mini's Groovy New Art Car Was Designed To Make You Smile

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It was designed by London-based artist Lakwena Maciver.

Hot on the heels of the Paul Smith-designed Mini Recharged, the British automaker has now unveiled a second iteration of its electrified art car. Created by talented Lakwena Maciver, the artist notes the Mini Recharged Lakwena is a celebration of British culture, its people, and the varied journeys and paths they're on. This is seen in the vivid colors and bold patterns.

"I hope this Mini Recharged will make people feel good and put a smile on their faces. This Mini is a color festival of cultures," explains Maciver. The London-based artist, who mostly paints in public spaces, chose the '86 Mini as it was produced in the same year she was born.

BMW/Mini BMW/Mini BMW/Mini BMW/Mini

Mini Recharged is a rather unique initiative carried out by the BMW-owned brand. Customers in the United Kingdom can elect to have their British icons converted to electric power. However, everything is entirely reversible - should they choose to go back to ICE power, of course.

Pastel colors cover every surface of the little Brit, and you can't help but smile when you see it. Written on the side of the vehicle in bright, block letters are the words "Big Love." Encouraging, hopeful messages are a common theme throughout Maciver's work, to spread positivity.

Her special Mini will be on display from August 11 at this year's European Championships in Munich, along with past art cars, such as David Bowie's 40th anniversary Mini, created in 1999.

BMW/Mini BMW/Mini BMW/Mini BMW/Mini

Electrified classic cars are big business at the moment. Several specialist companies can offer buyers battery-powered restomods, such as Aznom Automotive's electric Mini Cooper. If you're keen on keeping the original engine under the hood but still want a unique Mini, David Brown Automotive knows a thing or two about that.

Aside from the Remastered program, Mini also offers new car buyers the Cooper Electric Hardtop, a well-priced and fun-to-drive alternative to the ICE-powered Cooper S. Eventually, the British marque intends to abandon the combustion engine entirely, and recently previewed an electric SUV concept as a glimpse into the future.

BMW/Mini BMW/Mini BMW/Mini BMW/Mini BMW/Mini BMW/Mini

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