Mini's Latest Special Edition Makes No Sense At All

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It's called The Coopers Edition, and it makes zero sense.

Mini Malaysia recently launched the most confusing special edition model ever. On its website, Mini Malaysia specifically names the 1964 Monte Carlo Rally and the Mini Cooper's role in that victory. As a result, you can now buy The Coopers Edition. Thankfully, only in Malaysia.

John Cooper is responsible for some of Mini's most legendary racing wins. He built track racing machines for Graham Hill, Jack Brabham, and Jim Clark. These Cooper-tuned Minis were epic on track but even more successful in the rallying world. Pat Moss won the Tulip Rally and the Baden-Baden Rally in 1962, resulting in another special edition Mini with little more than styling changes.

But while this Malaysian Mini claims to pay tribute to the most famous racing Mini ever, it doesn't even carry a passing resemblance to that car.

Mini Malaysia Mini

In 1964, Paddy Hopkirk and co-driver Henry Liddon won the Monte Carlo Rally. As if that was not enough, Timo Mäkinen and Rauno Aaltonen also won the famous rally for Mini in 1965 and 1967. As a car-related story, it's right up there with Ford against Ferrari. How is this not a car movie starring Brad Pitt yet?

The famous Monte Carlo Mini beat a V8-powered Ford Falcon and a Mercedes-Benz 300 SE. It did so wearing one of the most recognizable liveries in racing history, and therein lies the problem. Malaysia's idea of a special edition dedicated to this victory is all wrong. First, it's the wrong car. The original Mini was a two-door that used clever packaging techniques never seen before. It's why Sir Alec Issigonis is considered one of the most outstanding motoring engineers of all time.

For reference, the actual Monte Carlo Rally Mini can be seen below.

Mini Malaysia

Despite plenty of photos to look back on for reference, the Coopers Edition is a five-door, and it's not even red. Instead, it has several unique features, not one of which seems related to the famous rally win. The Coopers Edition has side scuttles with the words "The Coopers" written on it, along with John Cooper's signature. A unique blue color was designed for the roof, and it has two white stripes on the hood.

Adding a model-specific alloy wheel design and a steering wheel with "Cooper" written on it, Mini called it a day. The 2020 Paddy Hopkirk Edition did a much better job.

The Coopers Edition is available in Enigmatic Black and Rooftop Grey and costs the equivalent of $67,500, but Mini Malaysia can keep it, whatever it costs.

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