Misery Is Crashing A McLaren 650S Spider Just 10 Minutes After Delivery

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Stop the millionaires and save the supercars.

Getting too excited about something can ruin the moment. High school kids do it all the time when they chicken out right before they're about to go to bed with the hottie, and newlyweds can get too excited to get to their honeymoon destination and end up forgetting how to drive. The same happens to supercar owners and car enthusiasts. Too much excitement about finally getting that dream car can end badly, but we'd gladly bet that it rarely goes as bad as it did for this owner who took delivery of a new McLaren 650S Spider in Hutton, UK.

That's because the driver had taken delivery of the car just ten minutes prior to giving the front end a redesign using a tree. Minutes before the accident, neighbors saw the excited new owner celebrating the car's delivery by popping a bottle of champagne. After the alcohol-infused celebration, the car was found hugging a tree. It appears that no one was injured in the accident, but police haven't actually arrested the driver yet because they can't find out who was behind the wheel at the time of the crash. This means that it remains unclear whether or not alcohol was a factor in wrecking the $265,500 car. It seems like a 641 horsepower rocket and an over zealous millionaire is a bad combination.

Source Credits: metro.co.uk

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