Misery Loves Company: Audi Adds Another Couple Million Cars To The Dieselgate Controversy

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This is getting good.

It seems that Audi will be caught up in the Volkswagen dieselgate scandal after all. The automaker just announced that 2.1 million of its 1.6-liter and 2.0-liter diesel engines utilize the same software that VW used to cheat emissions tests in the United States. There's a laundry list of cars affected: the A1, A3, A4, A5, A6, TT roadster, Q3 and Q5. Most of the cars affected (1.997 million of them, to be exact) reside in Europe and in Germany. Luckily for US drivers, only 13,000 of the polluters reside stateside.

Audi spokesman Juergen de Graeve says that the company is "working at full speed to find a technical solution" and that "Audi will write to customers and upgrade their cars so that they are within legal emissions standards once the solution has been found." It's of course not by chance that Audi has been swept up in this controversy, what with the automaker being owned by VW and all. It's great the company self-reported the offending cars but it's also a little too late for honesty. At this rate there's a real possibility that diesel Audi sales will take a nosedive, at least in Europe. A recovery, if it ever occurs, could take years. Thanks a lot, Volkswagen.

Source Credits: europe.autonews.com

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