Misha Designs Will Transform Your Ferrari 488 Into An FXX-K Lookalike

Does this widebody kit enhance the looks of the Ferrari 488 or should it be left untouched?

Some will argue that a supercar should be left in stock condition to preserve its elegance. With this in mind, Liberty Walk’s treatment to the Ferrari 488 raised a few eyebrows with its ungainly widebody kit. Not to be outdone, California-based Misha Design has released its own widebody kit for the Ferrari 488 GTB, following its successful job on the 458 Italia. If you own a 488 but want to pretend it's a ferocious FXX-K track monster, this could be your best chance at fooling everyone.

The Ultra488 comes in two flavors: regular and limited edition. As the name suggests, the regular option comes with all the vanilla upgrades you expect, including a new front bumper, hood, side skirts, air intake covers, rear bumper and a small spoiler. There are no direct modifications to the car, since everything is mounted onto the factory points. The limited upgrade is the far more enticing option, however, if you want your 488 to look more hardcore. The front is more aggressive with an F1-inspired nose and large double splitter carbon lip, not to mention the exposed carbon fiber covering the hood.

The rear resembles the tack-only and long sold-out FXX-K, with a huge rear wing, a similar bumper, carbon diffuser and rear quarter panels that are three inches wider. The limited edition version of the 488 widebody lives up to its name: Misha Designs says it’s only building 20 of them, which you can preorder for delivery in April/May, so it's fair to say it will make you stand out. Does this widebody kit enhance the looks of the Ferrari 488 or should it be left untouched?

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