Miss Tuning 2016 Is Smoking Hot And Wants To Be On Your Wall

It's better than a calendar of cats.

As the days draw ever closer, it’s that time of year again when thoughts turn to Christmas, New Years, and more importantly, what calendar to buy for the following 12 months. Thankfully, the new Miss Tuning calendar was recently shot after trained nurse Liane Gunter beat out 19 other competitors at the Tuning World Bodensee back in May. While she gets to enjoy a lowered Nissan Juke with 18-inch rims for the next year, fans will get to enjoy Liane as a permanent fixture on their wall.

Some of the best cars from the European Tuning Showdown serve as a backdrop, including a streamlined Mercedes E500, a matte olive green Focus RS, a wild orange Trabant, pimped out Mercedes W114 Coupe, a slammed brown-metallic Audi A3, 235-hp modified VW Beetle 1200, VW Golf MkI, a pristine Opel Kadett E, an Audi A4 convertible with bright red metallic paint and a full leather interior, a new Gold GTD sitting on 20-inch rims and sporting an awesome paintjob, a 1991 Opel Corsa, and an Austin Yellow BMW E30 320i. As is customary with calendars, each month gets a different picture and a new car. The only constant is the lovely Liane.

You can check out the making of video if you’re into that sort of thing.

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