Missed Out On A McLaren 675LT? Get This Rare Prototype Instead


Do you have $419,000 to spend?

With an official run of just 500 units, it wasn't a surprise to see that the McLaren 675LT sold out in the blink of an eye while the Spider variant sold out in just two weeks. With its limited production the 675LT was always meant to be a supercar that was hard to come by. Missed out on a chance to buy one? Don't worry, because one of just five prototypes has popped up for sale in Germany thanks to James Edition. However, since this is a prototype of a limited supercar it's going for a healthy bit more than a brand new model. But it's well worth it.

According to the listing, the supercar has been rebuilt to be sold as new and only has 28 miles on the clock. The only way enthusiasts will be able to recognize this vehicle as a prototype is because of a sticker that sits right in front of the rear wheels that reads "VP433," which indicates the fact that this is a Verification Prototype. Besides this tiny sticker, the supercar looks likes a brand new vehicle. Just like its non-prototype brothers, the supercar is fitted with a host of matte carbon fiber trim parts, has a classic McLaren Orange paint job and black wheels. The interior reveals that his supercar is track-focused with a mix of Alcantara and black leather with carbon-backed racing seats.

So what's the price for this new-ish supercar? A steep $419,430. However, while that may seem like a lot of money, as a prototype variant of a limited run supercar, this beast will surely hold its value extremely well. This may be one of the last opportunities for an enthusiast to get into a slightly used 675LT.

Source Credits: www.jamesedition.com

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