Missouri Ford Dealership Loses Over 100 Cars And Trucks To Intense Flooding


It's a bit unnerving to see so many trucks underwater.

The Midwest has been hard hit by recent rains, with flooding occurring along the banks of the many rivers that crisscross that part of the country, including the Mississippi, Illinois and Ohio (among others). This video from Republic, Missouri, shows just how incredibly powerful the storm has been. It was shot at a Ford dealership where around 105 vehicles had to be written off due to flood damage. Of those cars lost to the rain, around 35 were Ford's best-selling F-150 pickup trucks.

This video captures the flooding at the dealership. Trucks ride damn high off the ground-obviously-which makes the fact that so many of them are flooded that much more intense.

Torque News spoke with the dealership on the phone and learned that the damage could have been much worse. "About 20-25 people who were driving by, stopped to help us move cars and as a result of that we were able to move 2/3 of cars to a safe place. The lot is much higher in the back of the dealership." That quote came from the dealership's advertising manager, Jim Pettyjohn. It's great that normal folk stopped to help out but it still sucks that the dealership lost so many cars. The one bright spot is that not a single Mustang was damaged.

Source Credits: www.torquenews.com

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