Missouri Launches "Sneak Attack" Against Tesla

Initiative would follow other states' lead and ban the company's direct sales.

In a move that Tesla officials claimed was carried out“under the cover of darkness and without public debate”, Missourilegislatures launched an initiative to ban direct sales in the state. The billpassed during the night and was tacked on to an existing bill, originallydesignated for ATVs and recreational and utility vehicles. The move addedMissouri to a small - but growing - questionable club of states that had alreadybanned direct sales, including New Jersey, Arizona and Texas.

Writing on the company blog, company officials called the Missouri lawmakers’ decision a “sneak attack”, saying it "would force Missouri consumers to purchase new vehicles only through middleman franchised dealers”. The bill may soon be passed for a final vote at the Missouri State Senate, but Tesla isn't going down without a fight. “This is worse than a mere case of dealers trying to protect an existing monopoly”, the company said, “this is a case of dealers trying to create a monopoly.” Luckily for Tesla, the FTC recently called these new rules “protectionist”, and it seems that a clear-cut, nationwide decision on the matter isn't far off.

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