Mitsubishi Believes Curved Rear-Projection Interfaces are the Future

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Dashboards of the future will be free of LCDs and include rear projection displays surrounding the driver.

In a decade from now your car's dashboard could be made up of a curved, rear-projection display with buttons that pop up when necessary and a biometrics safety system. Mitsubishi unveiled their EMIRAI concept at the Tokyo Motor Show, where Kiyoshi Matsutani, Manager, Automotive Electrnics Development Center, Mitsubishi Electric said: "This car embodies a concept for about ten years from now. Its main feature is the display.

"For the instrument panel in the center, which has only been a flat LCD until now, what we suggest is using rear projection, so the display surface can be freely curved, for more effective design. Another feature is that, even though this is a rear-projection display, it supports touch operation as well."

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Shape-changing buttons on the steering wheel are raised and retracted as required for intuitive use without looking, and as the interface is for EVs, an imitation engine noise can be selected so people nearby are aware of your presence. The system also incorporates advanced biometrics, so the driver's physical condition can be monitored using heartbeat-detecting Doppler sensors and a camera that monitors body temperature via drivers' faces. It can also be used to detect different drivers and change the seating and controls accordingly.

"Things like the seat position can be customized for all kinds of people. This is done through personal ID, and facial temperature measurement, or heart-rate measurement using a Doppler sensor. In this way, the system senses the person's health condition on that day. The aim is to position the seat and steering to match the driver, and provide information to help with safe driving." A handwriting text entry interface can be used to program a destination and the rear seats feature glasses-free touchscreen displays so passengers can be kept just as entertained as the driver.

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