Mitsubishi Bringing New SUV To Chicago Auto Show, But Don't Get Too Excited


Signs point to rehashed concept.

Since Suzuki bowed out of the US market a couple of years ago, all eyes have been on Mitsubishi, wondering whether it too would call it quits. Every move at this point is critical, especially since it was announced that the Evo, essentially the brand's only interesting model, was being killed off. So the announcement that there would be a new SUV at the Chicago Auto Show, and that it would be "the return of a legend" has sparked some curiosity.

Except that Autoblog has gotten word that this will essentially just be a US debut for the GC-PHEV, an avant garde concept version of the Montero, which will likely be the badge it will be wearing in Chicago, what with all of this "legend" talk. The concept is actually from the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, and will therefore be a year and a half old by the time it drops in Chicago. So what we're given to wonder now is whether the concept will be updated or tweaked at all prior to its debut, or if we're just supposed to pretend we've never seen it before.


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