Mitsubishi Bringing Two Concepts to Geneva

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One of Japan's smaller automakers, Mitsubishi is bringing a pair of electric vehicles to Geneva this year, and has previewed both with a set of teaser shots.

Mitsubishi may not be as big as other Japanese automakers like Toyota, Honda or Nissan, but that doesn't mean it can't try to keep pace. Especially when it comes to electric vehicles. That's why Mitsubishi is coming to Geneva this year with not one, but two new concept cars. Previewed here with a pair of teaser renderings are the GR-HEV and CA-MiEV concepts, both of which will be presented at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show on March 5.

Although there's little we can tell from the images at this point, what is clear is that each takes a different approach to electric mobility. The curvy gold-tone truck is the GR-HEV, which stands for Grand Runner Hybrid Electric Vehicle. It's a sport utility truck, in similar style to the Honda Ridgeline, Chevrolet Avalanche or - if you're being liberal - the Lamborghini LM002. It's powered by a developmental diesel-electric hybrid powertrain - something that's rarely seen - with Super Select 4WD and Super All Wheel Control to help manage the traction.

The black car with the glowing headlights is the CA-MiEV (Compact Advanced Mitsubishi Innovative Electric Vehicle), which aims to take the existing i-MiEV – the world's first mass-produced EV – in a new styling direction. Its lightweight, aerodynamically-optimized body packs an evolution of Mitsu's electric drivetrain with high-energy batteries for a 300km cruising range. That's about all we've got for now, but we'll have more as the Geneva show approaches.

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