Mitsubishi Brings Back The Evo - As An Electric SUV Concept

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Well, at least the first half of the title sounds good.

Mitsubishi has just revealed the first teaser of its latest concept, the e-Evolution, slated for reveal next month at the Tokyo Motor Show. Yes, the name Evolution, or Evo, is back, but it's not in the way we would have wanted. This time, Mitsubishi has turned its once great all-wheel drive, rally heritage compact sport sedan into an electric SUV. The concept, more than likely, will preview an eventual production version. Mitsubishi says this new concept "signals the start of an exciting new era which will see long-term growth and sustainable development."

That Nissan cash infusion/joint venture is already paying off. The e-Evolution itself will feature a "4WD electric drivetrain with advanced artificial intelligence under a low-slung, highly aerodynamic SUV Coupe shape." Mitsubishi is no stranger to bringing back a past sports car name and turning it into an SUV/crossover. We're specifically referring to the Eclipse, now dubbed the Eclipse Cross. On the one hand, we're happy to see Mitsubishi get back up on its feet after a near defeat over a year ago when it reported false emissions figures. However, we still miss what Mitsubishi once was, specifically in the 1990s and early 2000s. We'll learn more in the coming weeks about Mitsubishi's latest concept and the technology it features.

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