Mitsubishi Brings Updated 2015 Pajero to Moscow

Is it bound for the US?

Thoughit has been absent from our market for quite a few years, the Mitsubishi Pajerocontinues to live on in other areas of the world, marketed in some countriesunder the names Montero and Shogun. Now, the company has brought its updated2015 version of the SUV (revealed last month in Japan) to the MoscowInternational Auto Show. Equipped with predominantly cosmetic tweaks, thePajero will live on in other markets. But will it also make a comeback to theUS?

Last year, we reported that Mitsubishi plans to revive its presence inthe American market, assisted by its range of SUVs and EVs. If that's stillthe plan, this refreshed Pajero could be in important player in the game. The exteriorupdates revealed in Moscow include new chrome bars, new fog light surrounds, areshaped bumper, DRLs, and redesigned taillight graphics. Inside, improvedinsulation, a new ignition switch and new options complete the picture. But will this be enough to reconquer the hearts of American buyers?

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