Mitsubishi Debuts New Mirage Supermini Ahead of Tokyo

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Mitsubishi reveals their new Mirage five-door hatchback ahead of next month's Tokyo Motor Show.

Mitsubishi has been having a difficult time lately keeping up with other Japanese automakers. With the exception of their MiEV, the automaker doesn't exactly have the most exciting lineup (not that the MiEV is all that exciting either). But Mitsubishi is working hard to cement themselves in various other word markets where they're still a dominant force. And they've revealed official details and photos of their upcoming Global Small Car, the Mirage, that's set to debut next month at the Tokyo Motor Show.

The new B-segment model that was developed for emerging markets is a low-cost five-door hatchback that provides "comfortable interior space for five adults." Mitsubishi claims they've used lightweight materials throughout along with a reduction in rolling resistance and improved efficiency through work done to the engine, transmission, brakes, tires, and aerodynamics. The overall goal was to reduce fuel consumption and C02 emissions. It will be offered with either a 1.0-or 1.2-liter gasoline engine (depending which market) and some will even have regenerative braking and start-stop technology.

Mitsubishi also says some models will come with a next generation CVT. Set to go on sale in Thailand this March, the new Mirage will soon make its way to more markets later in 2012. No word yet on whether Mitsubishi is considering bringing it to North America where it would go up against the likes of the Ford Fiesta and Chevrolet Sonic.

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