Mitsubishi Diamante May Return as a Rebadged Infiniti M

According to a recent report from Automotive News, Mitsubishi is considering to sell a rebadged Infiniti M sedan as a way to fill a void in their product lineup left by the now discontinued Diamante. Mitsubishi President Osamu Masuko refuses to confirm or deny this, simply stating that his company won't make deals with other automakers in order to expand their U.S. lineup. However, this concept is not ruled out for the Japanese market.

Now that Nissan has given Mitsubishi a lifeline by agreeing to expand their current scope of cooperation towards future projects, it only makes sense for the struggling Japanese automaker to expand their lineup on their home turf. Automotive News also indicated the Mitsubishi-badged Infiniti M may even go on sale in Japan sometime this year. A hybrid version is also a likely possibility. For now, it's likely we'll continue to see Mitsubishi discontinue badly selling cars from their U.S. lineup before any major expansion is considered.

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