Mitsubishi Evo Fanboy Can't Handle His Own Car And Now It's Shaming Time

You know the type.

You pull up alongside them in traffic. Their music? Often blaring, and the super duper large coffee cans that are exhaust tips can literally crack asphalt. Fanboys, the ones who drive cars like Subaru WRX STIs and Mitsubishi Evos. Now, not all of these drivers are complete dicks when behind the wheel, but some are, and this guy is one of them. The video ahead was obviously taken by a motorcyclist on his GoPro. Oh, and weaving your motorbike through traffic like that isn’t the smartest thing you could be doing, Mr. Motorcyclist.

You’re liable to annoy a few drivers, and this Evo guy was one of them. Apparently all-wheel-drive is too tough for him to handle. So note to all Evo fanboys: don’t be this guy.

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