Mitsubishi Evo May Become Extinct

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Bottom line: EV and plug-in development comes first, everything else comes second, at best.

Just as Subaru is unveiling its latest WRX in LA and is set to do likewise with the STI at Detroit in January, there's word that Mitsubishi is delaying the development and launch of its next-generation Lancer Evolution. The only car in the Japanese automaker's lineup that attracts any sincere interest amongst buyers (mainly in the US), is being set aside in favor of SUV, plug-in hybrid and EV development. In other parts of the world, light commercial vehicles are also the focus.


"With the current Evolution with (a) gasoline engine, it will be difficult to market the next-generation Evolution. Evolution X is the last of its kind with a petrol engine," stated Mitsubishi managing director of product, Ryugo Nakao. Even the next-gen Lancer, which serves as the Evo's base car, is on indefinite hold. But the big question is whether the Evo will be dropped entirely. Nakao reiterated that "it all depends on customer terms of volume, Evolution X is not a big volume seller." Even the performance Ralliart brand's future is questionable, and model development will halt there as well.

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