Mitsubishi Evo Will Be Around For Another Year

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After 2015, who knows?

Just a couple of months ago, it was reported that Mitsubishi was very likely to drop the Lancer Evolution from its lineup, both in the US and Japan. Everyone pretty much considered it the end of an era, especially since there was no confirmation that a replacement was coming soon, if ever. But now AutoGuide, who has confirmed this with Mitsubishi Motors of North America, is claiming the Evo will continue to be sold in the US for at least another year.

"Production of North American-specification Lancer Evolution models for the 2015 model year will commence in July 2014," according to a company spokeswoman. At the moment we haven't been able to further confirm if there'll be any substantial changes either under the hood or cosmetically, but we highly doubt either. No matter, we'll take what we can get. Whether 2015 will be the final model year for the Evo is only part of the issue. Perhaps the bigger question is what does Mitsubishi have planned performance wise in the future? Or is it going to stick mainly with plug-in hybrids and EVs? We're still very much waiting for an answer.

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