Mitsubishi Focusing on SUVs to Survive in the US Market

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And the Pajero could very well make a return.

Despite rumors to the contrary, Mitsubishi plans to stay in the US market. However, instead of waging all of its bets on cars and EVs, the Japanese automaker wants to put especially heavy focus on the SUV and crossover segments. The plan, according to the company's CEO, is to sell 100,000 units annually by the end of March 2017. In order to make that happen, Mitsubishi also plans to delve further into electric and hybrid vehicles.


In addition, Mitsubishi signed an agreement with Nissan-Renault to help design and engineer new sedans, small cars and EVs. The deal will save everyone money on development costs. At the same time, a next-generation Pajero SUV is in the works, and this time it may end up going on sale in the US. It was dropped from the lineup back in 2006 but could very well return. Only this time it'll be offered with a plug-in hybrid option. In regards to the future of the EVO, not only will its name change, but will also be a showcase of state-of-the-art hybrid EV technology. Basically, Mitsubishi sees greater potential for profit with SUVs than it does with smaller cars.

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