Mitsubishi G4 Hints at Mirage Sedan

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Mitsubishi unveiled the new Mirage hatch at the New York Auto Show. This concept, unveiled at the Bangkok Motor Show, previews the sedan variant.

Mitsubishi has unveiled the Concept G4 at the Bangkok Motor Show with the Japanese carmaker billing it as a "new compact eco car sedan." Based on the Mirage hatchback that debuted last week in New York, the concept will soon enter production and be rolled out globally. Like the Mirage, its biggest selling point is impressive fuel efficiency, which it achieves by combining a lightweight RISE (Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution) body and the same compact 1.2-liter engine and CVT transmission found in the new Mirage.

Combined with a host of weight saving measures made throughout the car, Mitsubishi claims the Concept G4 is the lightest in its class. The autommaker also says the car's short nose, sporting the three-diamond motif in the diamond-cut front grille, affords drivers better maneuverability and forward vision, yet Mitsubishi made the concept quite tall for an interior space that is "among the most generous in its class." It boasts large doors for easy ingress and egress, higher seats and more room for rear passengers. Pricing details and the production date has yet to be announced.

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