Mitsubishi Keeps Digging Its Own Grave

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The scandal continues.

Last April it was revealed that Mitsubishi had been submitting falsified fuel economy data going back 25 years. Although the affected cars were mainly Japanese domestic models, the automaker's image was universally damaged. Nissan, not long after, bought a 34 percent controlling stake in Mitsubishi for a reported $1.84 billion. How come? Mitsubishi does well in Southeast Asia and Nissan saw an opportunity. But now, according to Automotive News, Mitsubishi has shots itself in the foot. Again.


The Japanese transportation ministry has ordered Mitsubishi to stop domestic sales of eight models that it claims have overstated fuel economy claims. The newly affected models, among others, include the Pajero, Outlander and RVR SUV. The ministry says an investigation found that the fuel economy on those models were lower than stated in marketing catalogs. "Our investigation confirmed that the fuel economy on eight models…were as much as 8.8 percent and on average 4.2 percent lower than advertised," the ministry stated. Mitsubishi now has to submit correct readings in order for sales to continue. Thing is, Mitsubishi had already begun an internal investigation as to what went wrong for so long.

The findings showed poor communication and management, and too much pressure on engineers to deliver the goods without having the necessary testing resources. Will this be the last we hear of Mitsubishi's troubles? We thought Nissan was straightening things but clearly there's still more work to be done.


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