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The 311RS Evo X is currently at the Mitsubishi stand at the Minneapolis Auto Show, yet the limited edition model is not the work of the Japanese carmaker.

While Mitsubishi fanboys await a new Lancer Evo, Minnesota-based tuner 311RS has readied a limited-edition Evo X that is now on show at the Minneapolis Auto Show at the Mitsubishi stand. Simply dubbed the 311RS Evo X, the brainchild of circuit racer Ryan Gates is based on products developed for the Gates311 Evo X Time Attack car and is a project that's three years in the making. While obviously track focused, the 311RS was built to be an equally capable road car and comes in at $49,000.

For that you get 353 horsepower and 359 pound-feet of torque - a gain of 121 hp and 96 lb-ft over the stock Evo – achieved through a potent AMS pieces including a high-flow intake, larger intercooler, stainless-steel exhaust system and custom tune. In line with the engine mods, updates were made to the underpinnings with a new JRZ suspension, Evasive alignment, Girodisc brakes, and 18-inch Rays alloys wrapped in Nitto tires. On the outside, there's a body kit with a JDP front lip, Voltex carbon-fiber rear wing and a subtle blue and white Jon Sibal livery complementing the blue wheels.

An Etnies E-Suede interior rounds off the Evo X's enhancements, while options include a roll bar and Recaro seats. The 311 RS will be limited to 11 models with the first car destined for the Mitsubishi dealership in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. So whether you like the finished product or not, you're not likely to see one on the road... even if you do live in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

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