Mitsubishi Lowers Prices on EV To Attract US Buyers

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Mitsubishi reduces prices on their i EV in order to draw more buyers from the US market.

Mitsubishi Motors North America aims to draw a larger EV crowd to their oval shaped i EV. In an effort to meet the US market appeal and crash standards, the Japanese automaker widened the EV by 4.3 inches compared to the Japanese model. Under the egg-shaped hood, the tiny EV generates its power from a rear-mounted 49kw AC electric motor that gives an "electric" performance of up to 66hp and 145 lb-ft of torque.


Power comes from a 16kw lithium ion battery pack made by Lithium Energy Japan. Mitsubishi claims the battery pack takes roughly a full day to charge from a standard 120V household outlet. The i has a driving range of 62 miles compared to its most-direct competitor, the Nissan Leaf, which has a range of 73 miles. However, the Leaf is much heavier. The Mitsubishi i goes into electric mode in the US later this November and sales will start off with the west coast states such as California, Washington, Oregon and the lovely Aloha State, Hawaii by January of 2012. It will be available nationally by the end of 2012.

Mitsubishi plans on launching eight EV's around the world by 2016 as a way to reinvent the Japanese automaker as the global EV champs.

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