Mitsubishi Reveals CA-MiEV in Geneva

The CA-MiEV is one of two concepts at the Geneva Motor Show that demonstrate Mitsubishi’s latest green technology.

With theCA-MiEV Concept, Mitsubishi is showcasing an array of green tech it intends toroll out in it range of vehicles. Building on the iMiEV that rolled out in2009 and the GR-HEV it also debuted in Geneva, the CA-MiEV boasts next-generation EV systems and high-densitybatteries that, combined with a light-weight body and advanced aero, offers a 187-mile driving range, which is about the average distance covered in a week by the average European driver.

The high-efficiency powertrain includes an integrated power unit made up of an 80kW motor, inverter and charger, a compact flat battery pack, magnetic resonance wireless charging tech, and high-density lithium-ion batteries. The design is heavily influenced by maximizing aerodynamic performance, with the sleek, arrow-shaped concept sporting a sloping rear roof line as well as boomerang-sculpted lights. Advanced connectivity features on the CA-MiEV concept include automatic emailing in case of theft, automatic e-calling in case of emergency, remote engine start and remote energy monitoring.

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