Mitsubishi Reveals New Triton: A Pickup That Could Save Them In North America But Won’t

At least it’ll do good things for them in Thailand.

Mitsubishi has been on the decline in North America for a while, and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. One thing that might help would be a cheap compact diesel pickup, a niche product to be sure, but a segment which Mitsubishi could at least effectively dominate. It might even change how people look at Mitsubishi, and oh look, they just debuted one in Thailand. It’s called the Triton, and it isn’t coming to North America.

You might be thinking that, since these promo videos are in Thai, that it won’t be coming to the US because it’s only for Thailand, but it isn’t.

The Triton will be sold in 150 different markets around the world, effectively meaning everywhere but here. It’s an odd choice, but there is always time for a rethink.

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