Mitsubishi's Cheating Scandal Doesn't Affect Its US Market Cars

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Probably the best news the brand has had in weeks.

Although the investigation itself is far from over, Mitsubishi Motors North America has just confirmed one very, very important thing: none of its cars sold in the US are affected by the fuel consumption testing data irregularities. As of now, it appears, Mitsubishi only cheated in its home market of Japan. In order to be absolutely sure that no US market vehicles weren't affected, Mitsubishi "conducted an internal audit of US market vehicles going back several model years to check previously submitted data to the EPA."


But here's the thing: those model years are only from 2013 to 2017. What about vehicles that are even older? Didn't Mitsubishi's cheating date back to 1991? Nothing in the official press release was mentioned. In any case, Mitsubishi reiterates that there's "an entirely different system uses for the United States market to determine what the EPA calls Road Load Coefficient, strictly adhering to EPA procedures. The data generated is then independently verified for its accuracy before being submitted to the EPA for their fuel economy testing."

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