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Mitsubishi's Outrageous Emirai 3 xDAS Concept Records Your Face At All Times

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It's purposeful but still creepy.

Recently, Nissan revealed the funky Teatro For Dayz concept for the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, which is certainly going to grab attention. It seems that Mitsubishi got jealous so it decided to reveal the crazy Emirai3 xDAS and Emirai3 xAuto concepts. Let's start with the Emirai 3 xDAS, built to assist and be in touch with the driver as much as possible. The car has fully customizable LCD displays and all of the functions on them (along with nearly everything else in the car) are operated via hand gestures.

There's an optional wearable device that vibrates to alert the driver of potential hazards or changes in the car's settings. If the driver chooses not to wear the device a heads-up display shows incoming dangers. The quirkiest thing about the Emirai 3 xDAS is that it has a camera that is ALWAYS pointing at the driver's face and reacting to every single expression. All expressions are recorded and analyzed to provide aid in certain situations, such as when the driver nods off. Although we don't have any photos yet, the Emirai3 xAuto is Mitsubishi's take on a fully autonomous car. The car uses 3D mapping and satellite technology to navigate while reacting to unpredictable road situations to keep occupants safe.

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The car can also park and change lanes by itself which is pretty neat for those in congested cities. The driver can take over the car with the steering wheel or by remote but if not, the car stays autonomous. These cars may seem like they're out of left field but remember that Mitsubishi actually brought EMIRAI concepts to the Tokyo Motor Show before. It seems that once again Mitsubishi has big plans for Tokyo, having recently revealed its eX crossover concept which will also debut at the show. If this kind of technology is Mistubishi's future staple, we don't think it'll be that bad.