Mitsubishi Should Build The Eclipse R Concept


It certainly wouldn't hurt the carmaker to reclaim some market share it so desperately craves.

Rendering artist Steel Drake is on a mission to redesign cars that have become staid and out of touch with modern design, and has focused his artistic prowess on the Mitsubishi Eclipse, a car best known for its starring role in the Fast and the Furious. Over the years it has started to lose its allure, and some would argue to the same extent as the Japanese carmaker's appeal.

Its focus is now on SUVs, crossovers and cheap transport, but Mitsubishi once built the Lancer Evo, and coupes like the 3000GT/GTO. These were all fine looking and excellent driving cars, and there's no reason why Mitsubishi couldn't return to creating modern variants of them. Looking at Drake's latest renderings, perhaps it should rethink its strategy?

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