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Mitsubishi Submitted Falsified Data For Even More Of Its Cars

This scandal isn't over yet.

Back in April it was revealed that Mitsubishi Motors admitted to manipulating data involving 625,000 of its vehicles in order to improve fuel economy claims. The resulting aftermath has seen Nissan take a controlling share of its troubled domestic (and now former) rival. Fortunately, that data manipulation only involved four models, none of which were sold in the US – they were all Japanese market kei cars. Nissan is getting things in order over at Mitsubishi, but now it appears there may be even more trouble to deal with.

According to Reuters, Mitsubishi "used improper fuel economy data for additional models that are no longer being sold." For its part, Mitsubishi (or Nissan) has yet to comment and we don’t know where exactly these mystery models were sold. Were they sold in the US? Europe? Japan? What we do know is that three more models in addition to the original ones are now in question and that Japan’s transport ministry will soon provide an updated report. We’d be willing to bet a few Nissan executives aren’t exactly happy with some of their new Mitsubishi co-workers right about now.

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