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Mitsubishi Teases New Electric Concept

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The Japanese automaker's Geneva concept is inspired by the Alps.

Mitsubishi has confirmed it will be among the assuredly many automakers revealing new concepts at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, providing our first glimpse at its latest show truck with this teaser image.

Named after a Swiss alpine ski resort, the Engelberg Tourer takes the form of a battery-powered electric sport-utility vehicle. From what we can see so far, the concept looks unmistakably like a Mitsubishi, but a more futuristic one. The front-end design bears a clear resemblance to those of existing models like the L200/Triton and Eclipse Cross, but with blue light strips replacing bands of chrome.

Add to that the auxiliary lighting on the roof rack and the concept clearly has off-road pretensions, with spindly headlights and wing mirrors forecasting the hallmarks of a new concept vehicle.

Mitsubishi says the Engelberg Tourer concept will "bring further developments in SUV styling and practicality along with a focus on next-generation technology and enhanced EV performance." More than that, we don't know at this early stage. But it hardly comes as a surprise to see the Diamond-Star brand showcasing its vision for the future in the form of a sport-ute.

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The automaker has, after all – like so many others – been steadily phasing conventional passenger cars out of its lineup and replacing them with crossovers. At this point the budget-oriented Mirage hatchback and Mirage G4 sedan are the only low-riding vehicles it still offers, alongside the taller Outlander, Outlander Sport, and Eclipse Cross crossovers – the Lancer and i-MIEV having long since been phased out (from US showrooms at least). Most of its recent concepts have also taken the form of crossover SUVs as well, and the Engelberg Tourer looks to be no exception in that regard.