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Mitsubishi Unveils XR-PHEV Evolution Vision Gran TurismoConcept

At least now, the company can be virtually awesome.

When we recently complained that Mitsubishi had lost itscool factor in the last few years, somebody at the company headquarters must have been listening. Otherwise, how else would you explain the company’s latest concept car, the XR-PHEV Evolution? Unfortunately, this awesome concept will only make Mitsubishi virtuallycool, as it is now the latest in a long list of companies revealing awesomecars earmarked for the Gran Turisimo 6 through individual purchase.

The XR-PHEV Evolution virtually features a plug-in hybridpowertrain coupled with an eight-speed dual clutch transmission and all-wheeldrive. It also incorporates 20-inch aluminum wheels and attention grabbingdesign – from the beastly front end to its enormous rear wing. Howevertheoretical, Mitsubishi hasn't revealed any performance spec for this car as of yet.

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