Mitsubishi Unveils Yet Another Plug-in Hybrid SUV

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No prizes for correctly guessing what Mistubishi's preferred powertrain is!

It's probably safe to say now that Mitsubishi's putting the majority of its eggs into the plug-in hybrid basket. The Outlander PHEV has gone on to be quite a sweet sales success for the firm, and we've lost track of the various PHEV concept cars that Mitsubishi's churned out over the years. And now, we've just been informed of another plug-in hybrid Mitsubishi that's due to make its world debut at the upcoming 2016 Paris Motor Show.


The new concept car in question is the Mitsubishi GT-PHEV, which allegedly further improves upon the plug-in range extender powertrains currently constructed by the company. Courtesy in part of an all-new battery system, the GT-PHEV has a claimed electric-only range of 74 miles (for reference, the current Outlander PHEV can be propelled with battery power alone for up to 32 miles on a single charge), with the new internal combustion engine developed specifically to work with this plug-in setup permitting a peak cruising range in the 1,200 miles region. Quite impressive, if such claims can actually be achieved in a production-ready version of this powertrain.

It's not just the GT-PHEV that'll be showcased on Mitsubishi's Paris Motor Show stand, though. The all-electric eX Concept from last year's Tokyo Motor Show, and the European-spec incarnations of the 2017MY Mitsubishi Outlander range (including, you guessed it, the plug-in hybrid version) will also be making their first ever public appearances on the continent at the Paris show. An unsurprisingly heavy focus on sports utility vehicles and crossovers, then, but when the Outlander format has worked so well, Mitsubishi would be foolish to not follow up on its prime SUVs' success.

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