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Mitsubishi Won't Rule Out Future Electric Performance Cars

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There are icons to be reborn.

We all know Mitsubishi has plenty of past experience regarding sports cars, such as the 3000GT and Evo. Both are now gone, replaced by a lineup consisting of mostly crossovers, such as the new Eclipse Cross. However, because the Japanese automaker is now part of the Renault-Nissan alliance, it now has access to more resources (money and technology) than ever. So, what does that have to do with performance cars? Digital Trends recently interviewed Don Swearington, COO and executive VP of Mitsubishi NA, about the automaker's next steps.

But here's where the interview caught our interest: on the subject of electrified performance cars, "there's a great opportunity," Swearington said. "I think our engineers in Japan would love to develop something like that." Obviously, serious performance is dependent upon battery technology and motors getting to the point where theyneed to be, but Swearington indicated the automaker is monitoring developments closely. Furthermore, the alliance is enabling Mitsubishi to consider things that were off the table only a few years ago. "With the alliance now being over 10 million vehicles (a year), that adds a lot more that we can spread those costs over , and now get it very economical not only for us but the consumer."

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One such example of a future production car Mitsubishi could possibly be working on is something based on the e-Evolution concept. Yes, the concept is an SUV, but the body design and its technology are quite interesting – both of which could, theoretically, be applied to a production car less high off the ground. A reborn Evo, perhaps? Hey, lots of things are possible now given Mitsubishi's new lease on life thanks to the alliance. Also remember, Mitsubishi now has access to Nissan's vast EV tech knowledge.