Mitsubishi X-Force Crossover Debuts With Rugged Styling And Classy Interior

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But with 103 horsepower and a CVT gearbox, it won't excite any gearheads.

Mitsubishi has released an all-new crossover dubbed the X-Force. With futuristic styling, a Volvo-inspired front end, and an efficient gasoline engine, could this be the Outlander Sport replacement America desperately needs?

Before you get your hopes up, Mitsubishi has no plans to introduce the X-Force in the USA. Here's what we're missing out on - or dodging. A 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine powers the new crossover, producing an underwhelming 103 horsepower and 104 lb-ft of torque. Mated exclusively to a CVT, which promises efficiency, Mitsubishi says the transmission is equipped with simulated gears that replicate the feeling of a more traditional gearbox.

The suspension has been tuned for rough roads. It's no off-roader, but the "class-leading" ground clearance of 8.7 inches should allow for reasonable progress over pothole-marked and gravel-lined country roads.


Mitsubishi claims approach and departure angles of 21 and 30.5 degrees, respectively, making it easier to escape a crowded parking lot via the sidewalk - not that you should do that. The front axle utilizes a MacPherson strut, while the rear uses a durable (if outdated) torsion beam. Four drive modes - including a new Wet mode - allow owners to tailor the driving experience.

So it won't set the performance car world on fire, but is there anything else the X-Force can do? On the design front, it should appeal to hordes of crossover-crazed buyers. Based on Mitsubishi's oddly-named "Silky & Solid" design ethos, the SUV has an aggressive front end that is equal parts upmarket and butch. The blacked-out radiator grille flows into the black bumper cladding and wheel arch trim, giving it a more rugged look.


The color-coded trim on the bumper gives the illusion of an underbite, which looks awkward. Volvo-esque headlights are a neat, if unoriginal, touch. Round back, the X-Force's boomerang-style taillight clusters lend some character to the rear fascia. Aside from that, it's rather generic, with chunky bumpers and minimal detailing. 18-inch wheels form part of the package.

Inside, the X-Force looks rather promising. More modern and attractive than the cabin found in the Outlander Sport, the dashboard has a classy melange fabric insert that spans the width of the fascia. The textured material and subtle stitching add a touch of luxury and work well with the uncluttered, straightforward dash. We've seen a similar design in the new Triton pickup truck.

There's a 12.3-inch touchscreen, with which front-row occupants can comb through the various audio and entertainment settings. The driver benefits from a digital display.


A Dynamic Sound Yamaha Premium sound system is equipped as standard and features eight speakers, front tweeters, coaxial two-way speakers, and woofers. A wireless charger and a handful of USB ports can be found in the interior.

The little Mitsubishi has space for up to five individuals and offers plenty of nifty storage spaces throughout the cabin. Remarkably, the drink holders can accommodate 21 water bottles in various places, including the floor console, door cards, and console box. The last storage area can cool drinks, with vents funneling cold air from the climate control system.

Should the trunk space not be sufficient, the X-Force's rear seats fold down in a 40:20:40 split, allowing owners to load larger items into the vehicle quickly. Initially, the X-Force will be introduced in Indonesia, the same country where it is being built.


At a later date, it will be launched in Vietnam, the Philippines, as well as Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East. It's unlikely that the new crossover will make it to our shores, but if it does, Mitsubishi will need to introduce more powerful engines - 103 horsepower just won't cut it on our roads.

Based on the new Renault Captur, the Euro-spec Outlander Sport also won't be coming to the USA. It seems Americans will have to make do without a new model, as the company has previously told CarBuzz that there are no plans to replace the current Outlander Sport when it goes west.

As such, the Eclipse Cross will serve dual roles, but the local Mitsubishi lineup will be reduced to just three vehicles - two of which are mediocre at best. The lineup needs excitement and innovation, otherwise, it may not survive the fast-approaching electric future.


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