Mitsubishi XFC Concept Previews All-New Compact SUV

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Sure, it's not a new Lancer EVO, but it's a heck of a lot better than what we're currently getting.

If you're an avid reader of this website, you know we're not exactly fans of the direction Mistubishi has gone as of late. The brand, once famous for winning WRC titles, has lost its mojo and now focuses its time on selling economical family-hauling crossovers like the Outlander. But it has a new concept that could add a dose of excitement to the lineup; debuting this week at the Vietnam Motor Show, this is the Mitsubishi XFC Concept, and surprise, it's another crossover.

Mitsubishi says the idea for the model is for it to be the "best-suited buddy for an exciting life," which is a fun little saying, at least. The concept is supposed to influence the next-gen compact crossover that the company will sell in the Southeast Asian market, starting with Vietnam, in 2023.

Mitsubishi Mitsubishi

With that, there currently aren't any plans to offer this vehicle in the US. While I can't say we're yearning for another crossover from the company, the concept does look rather attractive. It also displays a new version of the automaker's Dynamic Shield grille; large L-shaped headlights with DRLs cascade down the front, making it look modern and much better than the chrome we're used to.

Mitsubishi says the increased ride height and large-diameter wheels were meant to increase the vehicle's capability over rough roads, and the "authentic SUV styling … stands out in outdoor scenes."


Driving-wise it will feature four modes: Normal, Wet, Gravel, and Mud. A hybrid variant is also planned for the future.

Mitsubishi tout's class-leading interior space, and it seems like a lovely place to spend some time, with great looking three toned seats and a flat-bottomed steering wheel. It also offers a massive screen that stretches from the instrument cluster all the way across the center of the dashboard, which Mitsubishi says will have all the information necessary to provide, " a safe and comfortable driving environment while also expressing a sense of advanced design."


Most of the other details, like what it's powered by or how much the production vehicle will truly resemble the concept, were left out. Still, it seems compelling, and if offered with Mitsubishi's superb S-AWC system, looks like something that could fit in well with all the other great mild off-roaders here in the US.

It's exciting to see the company going in a new design direction and innovating on its new vehicles. Soon maybe it'll even stop slapping their badge on whatever Renault is putting out these days. That's in reference to the new Mitsubishi ASX/Outlander Sport - a rebadged Renault Captur that won't be coming to America, as Mitsubishi plans on canning the Outlander Sport altogether in the near future.


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