Mitsuoka Roadster 'Brooklands Edition': The Perfect Way To Ruin An MX-5

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The scary thing is there's demand for cars like this...

Mitsuoka might not be a name that's immediately apparent to many of you - and the brand's exposure to those who have heard of the company before will be limited to that one Top Gear episode many moons ago. But the firm is slowly expanding - it now officially imports cars to the UK via a small group of franchised dealerships, and new models are beginning to emerge in the Mitsuoka product portfolio.

One such car is the Brooklands edition of the Mitsuoka Roadster, which is making its world debut at the London Motor Show. Before you get too excited, we advise you rein in your enthusiasm, as there isn't really much to differentiate a Brooklands Roadster from a regular model - you get cream leather, contrast green stitching to presumably match the exclusive paint color, hand-crafted wire-style wheels...and that's about it. The rest is a bog standard Mitsuoka Roadster - meaning what we have here is hand-built bodywork, placed on top of the chassis and running gear from the previous Mazda MX-5.

Power figures for the Brooklands edition aren't explicitly stated, so we therefore assume it also retains the standard Roadster's 2.0-liter, 158-hp four-cylinder gasoline engine and six-speed PowerShift automatic transmission. All of this hand-crafted novelty does come at an extortionate price - a staggering £53,800 for the standard Roadster, which equates at current exchange rates to a few hundred bucks shy of $78,000. Lord knows what Mitsuoka wants for the Brooklands version, but we'd hazard to guess it'll be even more expensive than the already pricey regular Roadster (again, we can't find anything from Mitsuoka about the car's RRP in the UK).

Then again, you can't really put a price on exclusivity, and you'll certainly be joining a very niche club if you're wealthy and/or bonkers enough to plump for a Mitsuoka Roadster Brooklands Edition over all the other sports cars you can by for $70,000+.

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