Mk3 And Mk4 Supra Owners Will Love Toyota For Doing This

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Toyota is showing that it cares about Supra owners across all generations.

It's a wonderful thing that even now, in a time where automakers aren't just shifting focus to fun-killing electric cars and driver-replacing autonomous technology but also appropriating less and less money to building "fun" cars, that a handful of automakers are still keeping the flame of the classic sports car alive for enthusiasts.

That includes Honda, which still has a parts program for the original NSX, Nissan, which still builds components for the R32, R33, and R34 Skylines, and Mazda, which still offers support to owners of the first-generation NA Miata. Joining their ranks is Toyota because the brand has just announced that it will once again produce and sell parts for the Mk3 and Mk4 Supras, which fans affectionately refer to as the A70 and A80 Supra. The announcement of the program, called the "GR Heritage Parts Project," was made by Gazoo Racing's head Shigeki Tomoyama during Japan's public launch of the 5th-generation (Mk5 or A90) Supra on May 17th, according to Japanese Nostalgic Car.

This comes on the heels of Toyota's release of TRD parts for Japanese buyers of the new Supra, adding to the notion that Toyota really does care about fans of both its new and classic sports cars. JNC went ahead and translated some of Tomoyama's speech, in which he likened the love of driving on the cusp of the autonomous revolution to being a horse racing enthusiast at the dawn of the automobile age.

"All horses that were once a means of transportation have been replaced by cars, but racehorses remain. There are people all over the world who love horses," remarked Tomoyama. "The human desire to move freely, fast, and beautifully according to one's will is universal… We have to pass on this DNA to the next generation. The challenge of Toyota Gazoo Racing is to make cars thoroughly interesting in the next 100 years."

We may not know what Tomoyama-san means by keeping cars interesting for the next 100 years anytime soon, but it hopefully means that past, present, and future Supra models are going nowhere. It's still not clear which parts Toyota plans to offer for the A70 and A80 Supras, though. "We can not answer about specific parts at this time, but we will make every effort to meet the expectations of owners," said Tomoyama.

In the best case scenario, Toyota's GR division would release 2JZ crate engines at a price that enables tuners around the world to revive Toyota's most iconic sports cars and bring tuning culture forward for the next generation to enjoy. But that's just wishful thinking.


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