Model S Receives Complaint for Unintended Acceleration

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Place your bets now on whether Musk has another Twitter meltdown.

Hot on the heels of an announcement that the Tesla Model S scored very high marks in crash tests, we now have a report claiming the NHTSA has received a complaint that the car was involved in an unintended acceleration incident. The complaint states that the car was traveling down a short driveway at 5 mph with the brake constantly applied, before it suddenly accelerated, hit a curb, and went into a retaining wall about a foot away from the curb.


A Tesla technician has said the driver was at fault and that the accelerator pedal made a sudden leap from 18 percent pressure to 100 percent. The problem is that the Model S is supposed to have a safeguard which prevents the accelerator from going over 92 percent. That still wouldn't have prevented the incident, if the driver was at fault, but leaves Tesla's story inconsistent. That said, the overwhelming majority of unintended acceleration cases turn out to have been driver error, even when it comes to the more high-profile cases like Toyota and Audi. It is very likely that this one will turn out the same.

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