Model X Vs Hummer H2 Tug Of War Because After This You'll Have Seen Everything

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Big bad bruising mass with a V8 fights thousands of AA Duracells making endless torque.

And just when you thought that the Internet had gone and shown you every unfathomable sight there is to see in this world, this video had to go ahead and pop up on the radar. You knew it was coming. With electric cars challenging the internal combustion engine at every turn, proving they can out-accelerate just about any gas-powered car and encroach on the practicality of fast fill-ups, it was only a matter of time before a torque battle went down.

A Tesla Model X P90D going up against a Hummer H2 in a tug of war is symbolic given that the Hummer represents a time when gas was cheap and nobody cared about pictures of starving polar bears popping up on the Internet. On the other hand, the Model X is an indicator that the world is evolving past brute displays of testosterone and onto a future of Falcon Wing entrances.

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Given that electric cars are known for making endless torque down low, it would seem that the Model X has this one in the bag. That doesn't prove to be the case. The wild card variable thrown into this mix is wet pavement, which ends up turning this into a battle of traction control systems and tires rather than one where the biggest torque figure wins. Thanks to the Hummer's adjustable traction control, it manages to put the first two battles in the bag using "Traction Control 2", a mode optimized for mud. When the driver of the H2 throws the traction control into its first setting, the Tesla takes the W. We'd love to see this replicated with both cars on a dry slice of pavement to make this a battle of brawn rather than ECU brain.

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