Quarter Mile

Modified Jalpa is a Kangaroo-Lambotrocity

Supercharged GM V8 and Toyota Camry transmission gives this Australian Lambo some serious bounce.

Strange things happen Down Under: the owner of this classic Lamborghini decided to stuff a 5.7-liter GM V-8 LS1 engine into the body of a Lamborghini Jalpa - making the Italian supercar up its power from the original 255 horsepower to an impressive 500. Still not enough, he decided to give it a Magnuson supercharger, creating a 620 hp Aussie vehicle for himself. Finally, he fitted it with an automatic (?) transmission from a Toyota Camry (!?), and got, well, some weird, fast, gray thing.

Still, the former-Jalpa looks pretty cool, and it hits the quarter mile in ten seconds. Check it out and see how you feel about it.

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