Street Race

Modified Nissan GT-R Battles Stock 911 Turbo on the Street

Not the fairest fight we've ever seen.

The plan was to pit a brand-new Porsche 911 Turbo S against a Nissan GT-R. The problem is, ThatRacingChannel only had a pair of modified Godzillas to play with. Wearing a Billet Design Motorsports BDM700 upgrade package, the blue GT-R is too hot for the Porsche to handle, eating up road as the 911 plays catch up. The silver GT-R also has too much for the 991 Turbo S, thanks to the same BDM700 package as well as an AMS Race FMIC and ETS titanium 4-inch exhaust.

After putting the Porsche to sleep, the GT-Rs then duke it out in a classic Godzilla street fight.

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