Modified Nissan Silvia Has The Most Outrageous Exhaust Note We've Heard

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There's no humanly thing on Earth that sounds as angry.

Hell hath no fury like that of a red-eyed V8 with a tumultuous tantrum of an exhaust note, one so loud that any living being with a set of ear drums has to cover them up when this wildly tuned Nissan Silvia is passing nearby in order to avoid a bad case of tinnitus. Now it's easy to stress that an exhaust note can be loud enough to null the sense of peace on a quiet neighborhood block, just ask any rich relative about the first few times their neighbor turned on the loud exhaust mode on their new supercharged Jaguar F-Type when leaving the neighborhood.

But there's a difference between loud, assertive, and slightly annoying and hell-raising wake-the-dead variety. That's just what Brill Steel Motorsports of Northern Italy decided to do with this S14 Nissan Silvia.

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With a team of expert tinkers, Brill Steel hand built this beast from the chassis up, endowing it with a massive rear wing and a body kit seemingly designed by Satan. The result? Well, just watch the reception this Silvia brings to the streets of Monaco when its 945 horsepower LS3 is allowed to voice its anger publicly. The city-state is well-known for its overabundance of supercars with drivers that have no qualms about gunning it full force in the famous tunnel running under the Fairmont Hotel, but thanks to the beast Brill Steel has conjured, even the most highly accustomed supercar connoisseur is bound to do a double take.

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