Mom Constructs Cardboard Red Bull F1 Car for 4-Year Old Son

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Mom's love of her son, Formula 1 and Red Bull comes together in the form of stunning race car replica.

If there's a contest for world's best mom then the Japanese mom that spent a month building this amazing cardboard replica of the 2012 Red Bull Formula 1 race car for her 4-year old son should be nominated. The loving mom is a dedicated fan of Red Bull as well as F1 champion Sebastian Vettel, and describes in her blog how 'the ultimate video game station' was based on a frame built prior to the RB8's unveiling.

The car was finished once the car had been officially introduced and photos and videos became available; and from the new step nose through the detailed graphics to the tail wings, the attention-to-detail is staggering. If that's not enough, the car can be easily dismantled and stored away when smiling Yoshi can drag himself away from his favorite toy for more than a few seconds. This amazing mom has thought of everything.

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